Does anyone have aproblem with Reckon Personal Plus 2015 not generating, or displaying reports after

Richard WinterscheidtRichard Winterscheidt Member Posts: 14
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I have been using Reckon across many iterations (since Quicken V3) and have not experienced many of the problems others have, ie very satisfied, till now. I am running Reckon Personal Plus 2015, so relatively current, and upgraded to Window 10.

All good, till I went to generate a report (any report, built in and personal) and nothing. No error code, no screen print, nothing.

I have set compatibility to Win 7 (this is where it last worked) and set Administrator Rights (nothing), zip, zilch, nothing.

I have searched and haven't been able to see a related post, so am pleading for help.


  • Judy BirkenheadJudy Birkenhead Member Posts: 19
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    what if you try to print the report as pdf? 
  • Dan FardonDan Fardon Member Posts: 44
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    Hi Richard,

    I am seriously wondering how usable the latest versions of Windows really are?

    Frankly, with the unpaid work I do for a large charity, I cannot afford any failures, so I do not go near any Windows Version until at least 2 years after it has been released, because it takes at least that long to get rid of all its incompatibilities with vital production-line software.

    So my suggestion is, revert to Windows 8 until Reckon Support stops receiving queries about problems with Windows 10, say 2019.

    Best wishes to you and Reckon Support staff who have to make sense of Windows poor performance, and the pressures of Windows development staff.

    Dan Fardon

  • Richard WinterscheidtRichard Winterscheidt Member Posts: 14
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    Thanks to all who have replied so far; (last first)

    Dan - I don't always share you pessimism as I have found Win 10 (so far) to be excellent, in fact only with the RPP2015 have I had any issue, being the one of no print. Having exhausted a number of avenues, the only issue is with RPP15, so deduction has led me to believe the culprit is there,

    Judy - can't even get a screen output, to then choose to have it print. I suspect that Leif's comment may lead to s corrupt file as there is no response when I choose to generate the report to the screen, it won't even generate the charts.

    Leif - feels a bit like, "turn it off, then turn it back on again" , but will try this out and see is success is around the corner.

  • Richard WinterscheidtRichard Winterscheidt Member Posts: 14
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    Unfortunately didn't work, any other ideas? Anyone?

  • Deny DharmawanDeny Dharmawan Alumni Posts: 184
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    Hi Richard,

    Currently Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2016 is the only one that is compatible with Windows 10.

    You can try below steps.

    • Run Reckon Accounts as Administrator, even though you are logged in as administrator.

    • Try to print on different data file. You can use the sample file.

    • Try to delete Reckon Accounts print file. It is C:\Users\<logged in user>\AppData\Roaming\Intuit\Quicken\Config\wpr.dat

    • Clean Reinstall Reckon Accounts. Make sure you backup your data in a safe location first.

    Below is the link to clean reinstall Reckon Accounts.


    Deny Dharmawan

  • Richard WinterscheidtRichard Winterscheidt Member Posts: 14
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    Deny, Thank you, I will try and provide update as soon as I can.
  • Richard WinterscheidtRichard Winterscheidt Member Posts: 14
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    Tried any number of solutions, using RPP15, none worked, so appeared to be that the relationship between 2015 & win10 (also potentially some background set-up with my machine configuration), so took the plunge and upgraded to RPP16, which was an unbudgeted exercise as I usually upgrade bi-annually.

    Any, seems to work and am generating reports, so, so far so good!

    Thanks to all who helped and look forward to continuing to be a part of the community.

  • AtlantaAtlanta Member Posts: 21
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    Deny wrote

    Currently Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2016 is the only one that is compatible with Windows 10

    That is not quite correct, I have been on the Windows 10 Insider Program since it started well over 12 months ago and have installed and successfully run  Reckon H&B 2013, 2015 and 2016 on two of my Win 10 test rig.  As always there are a few rules you must follow.
    Firstly, make sure that you have the latest Video Driver for your system installed, don't know why but these Reckon programs are very sensitive to this.

    Secondly, set the program to run in Win 7 Compatibility Mode and then run as Administrator.
  • John GJohn G Reckon Staff Posts: 2,283 ✭✭
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    Thanks Atlanta,

    Yes, the recent versions of Reckon Accounts personal will run with some slight modifications.  2016 is the only version that is fully compatible with Win10 and will run "straight out of the box".

    For older versions, minimum modification is to run the programme as an Administrator - that is right-click your launch icon > Properties > Compatibility, and tick the box to Run as Administrator.

    The further back you go with the versions then you will need to set the compatibility mode.  Quicken 2010 was the first that was written for Windows 7, and this and later versions should run OK in Windows 10.  If you do run into problems, then certainly set the compatibility mode to Windows 7.

    Pre 2010 and you must set the Compatibility mode to Windows XP SP2.  

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