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Can I enter a bill and pay it in one step?

 My situation is that between being to lax and also being on the road I sometimes have a lot of receipts to enter when I get home. From what I have established I have to enter the receipt, it then goes off to some unpaid file. I have to go to this unpaid file and press pay bill. I can only pay the one bill for the one transaction regardless of how many bills I have in the unpaid file to pay or it adds them all together and stuffs up my reconciling. It seems like too simple of a process to be so long winded so I have to assume I'm doing something wrong.


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    Chris.  I am assuming that your terminology is not correct.  If you are talking about entering receipts, then you are meaning to apply this as a Customer Payment against an Invoice that you have previously issued.  Paying bills relates to payments for supplies that you have purchased.

    When recording receipts for customers, where you have previously created an invoice for something that you have sold to them, you would go to Customers> Receive Payments and then enter the name of the customer who has made the payment.  If the payment received is exactly the same amount as an invoice that you have issued, the payment will be applied to that Invoice.  If the payment relates to multiple invoices, the amount received will be automatically applied to the oldest invoice, then to the next one and so on.  If you are aware of which invoices have been specifically paid in this second instance, you would need to zero out the automatically applied payment and instead apply an amount against the invoices that you want the payment to be applied to.  You can allocate a payment to multiple invoices using this process.  Hope this helps you.   John L G
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    Hi John, this relates to only paying a bill or receipts seeing Its being applied to something bought and paid in one transaction. Hypothetically, I pull up to a servo, I pay for fuel. I head off to a café and I pay for a meal and then to a motel. I do this at several locations over several days or weeks. When I sit to enter all of these receipts, I go to Suppliers>enter bill>pay bill. I am also currently adding old receipts so I have a couple of hundred receipts to add.  I hope this makes sense.

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    Use _write cheques_?
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