How do you change your company details on group certificates?.....

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I have reconciled my payroll and all is well.

I was just checking the company details on my generated group certificates and we do not have the company address of company phone number.

I need to enter these two details. How do I do this please?

Many Thanks Sarah :)


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    Very strange Sarah.  This should be generated from the Company tab (top of screen) and then the Company Information link.  Potentially this means that this same information is not appearing on any invoices or receipts that you issue either.
    John L G
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    Sarah, the only company information that appears on group certificates is the company name.  The other information does not appear nor does it appear if one does handwritten payment summaries.
    John L G
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    Thanks John,
    All company info in invoices is correct, so that is fine :)

    Well that was what I thought, but then I was reading the checklist for the EOFY payroll process and one of the points was to check to make sure that there was a company address and phone number listed on the croup certificate.

    Not to worry, never had this on them in previous years and all has worked as it should without issue.

    I just thought I would check to see if it was easy to change to get this info on the certificate.

    I shall continue with the generation of my EmpDupe file :)

    Thankyou for your help.

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