New Data File, Historical transactions showing in current P&L

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I have decided that the old file is messy and have started a new file.

I was able to export my Customer file including current balances and upload them to my new file.

The problem I'm having is that the new balances were created by Reckon (Hosted) as a single invoice for each customer on the day I imported the file. It is also showing them in my P&L as unallocated Income. Given I don't want to have them as income for this financial year, (They are all before June 30 Invoices), how do I chance this?

I feel like my only option is allocating them to a general ledger income code. ??I can't find any other way to show them as outstanding, but not hitting my P&L.

Please help! I am yet to do the same with my bills to be paid, but I imagine I will have the same problem.



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    Yes you will. Do you want to reeenter all the outstanding invoices? And bills? That the alternative.
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    Hi Melissa,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    Check out our guide: Starting a new company file in Reckon Accounts Business (QuickBooks QBi) for all the ins and outs of continuing your company financial records in a new company file.  Its an older article but still very relevant.

    Hope this helps.


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