Scheduling Overseas Bills/Invoices in Australia

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Scheduling Overseas Bills/Invoices in Australia - I find I now have two regular transactions that occur each month using foreign currency.

While I am able to create a scheduled occurrence of these invoices/bills, I find I am unable to actually create a foreign currency amount and am forced to use either a fixed Australian Dollar amount or the estimates of the last three payments, which will be using the Australian Dollar value and not the current exchange rate value.

Is there any way to actually schedule a payment in a foreign currency that uses the Currency amount from the daily updates (One-Touch Updates that update the currency list within Reckon and any Stock Exchange transactional amounts) rather than an older exchange rate value?

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  • ShakirShakir Alumni Posts: 82
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    Hi Megan, thanks for reaching out to us.

    Please set up a foreign account for those transactions, this way you will be able to enter/schedule the transactions in foreign amount.

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    Thanks for the two responses Shakir & Diver Dave - I think I left out a VERY IMPORTANT piece of information. The transaction is occurring through PayPal.

    So, to respond to Shakir - I would use the PayPal account to manage the transaction.

    So, to respond to Diver Dave - ditto - use the PayPal account!!!

    It is really so simple when someone else says it!!!!

    Thank you, again!

    I hope 2017 makes me not as thick and to think things through a little more!!!

    Happy New Year!
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