IMPORTANT NOTICE for Reckon Accounts (Desktop) users using Gmail as their email send method


Has anybody had problems with invoices emailed to customers going into their Junk file,

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Has anybody had problems with invoices emailed to customers going into their Junk file, this seems to happen more often with hotmail accounts


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    Once the intended upgrade to RAH allows you to send out emails under your own name as a fully qualified domain name (as part of your own email address)  and gets sent though your own SMTP server (or those of your internet partners that demonstrate they are in fact the authoritative sends of email related to YOUR domain name (ie:  [email protected]),  then all the issues related to ANTI-SPAM suspecting that your business emails out of RAH are not coming from who you say you are,  will hopefully be sorted out.  Await the release of the pending RAH 2016 which is trying to address this technical aspect.


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    N Hi Gary

    Thank you for this information, I will be looking forward to the pending release.

    Kind regards

    Robert Green

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    Yes this is common when recipient has a address.

    I send via Outlook through a POP account. I don't have the answer. Just make customers aware to check the Hotmail junk folder. The recipient probably needs to add the sender to "Safe Senders" or "Not Junk" etc

    I suspect same applies to recipients with, etc, as all are Microsoft email domains using same mail servers

    I have also seen this occasionally when recipient is but this is rare
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    Hi Bob

    Steve has given you one of the 2 answers, even if he didn't think he did... lol

    1. customers be informed of the hosted email address and put it in safe senders list as Steve has told you.

    2. Send all invoices, documents and reports to your email account first, then fwd them onto the customer.

    Option 2 is my preferred method, as the customer gets it from my email account & can reply, not hosted.  Also I then put the inv. no, date & customer on the subject line and can easily track when it was emailed, so when the customer says.. "I didn't get it" then I find the email and fwd showing they did get it and this stops the argument that they haven't paid as they haven't got the inv. ;)

    Option one is the only option if you do a lot of emailing, like in say 20-30 batch inv. at a time.
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    Hi Bob,

    As Steve pointed out, letting customers know to add your email address to their Safe Senders List in their email software is a good idea.

    Something like the example in this article could be emailed out to your customer base.

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    Unfortunately we send invoices to 1000 customers every quarter and it is impossible to track each one of these by cc'ing myself in there or forwarding from myself. and we do make customers aware to allow us in safe senders but we have , with all new customers NUMEROUS people who don't get the invoice. this is a nightmare for us at the moment and something i would like looked at by Reckon. our only way is sending customers a text to see if they got the invoice! what is the point of having a solution to send invoices by email if 100 of your customers dont get them every 3 months!!!!
    Therese Dabbs
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    I press the print Icon and send from the PDF that it becomes.... Its really long in steps to take but at least it comes from and my signature has our business signature (with pretty logo) too

    looking forward to this upgrade ..... which I notice 11 months later has not happened
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    And another year on..... nothing
  • Therese DabbsTherese Dabbs Member Posts: 37
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    yes I have posted about this many many times over the last year at least !!! come on Reckon look after your loyal customers and fix this!
    I have customers who just don't get their invoice at all!
    and now read receipt or return to sender built in to program as it comes from accounts hosted, not the user's email!!!
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