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Karren BourkeKarren Bourke Member Posts: 4
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Our tax agency info has been set up for both GST Paid and GST Collected to go to Tax Payable. I want to split this so we can track them individually. When I try to change the information under ATO Supplier, Edit Supplier, Tax Agency Info it says I can't change it. 
Does anyone know how to do this?



  • KathyKathy Member Posts: 22
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    Hi Karen,
    Not sure what you mean, but have you tried to change it from the drop down list for Track tax on purchases separately to a Tax collected account?
  • DebonAirDebonAir Member Posts: 408
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    I don't why you have your codes set like this. MYOB works like this but Reckon is already set up to keep the codes separated. GST payable is code NC/NCF etc. GST code only applies to sales and GST collected.

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    Actually, you can change these, I have just done it myself but is a huge process to be done mid use of the file.  This really needs to be done at time of file set up, but it can be done.

    You will need to set up sub accounts for the Tax Payable account. And then set up a new supplier for Australian Tax office, then you will need to go into each tax code and duplicate each one to the new account settings. This is a huge process and not sure it is really worth the hassle.
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    Karren.  The question that goes through my mind is why would you want to do this in the first place?  There are various tax reports which can provide you with specific details without the need to resort to tax going into different accounts, based on category..  Do you have a concern that the program is not allocating these correctly?
    John L G
  • Karren BourkeKarren Bourke Member Posts: 4
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    Hi John, This is what my employer wants. They have both been set up just to go to Tax Payable. They file was set up before I started with them.

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