Using an inactive gl account when entering transactions

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I have recently done some changes to our Chart of Accounts and now have a fair few accounts that are inactive.

How do I prevent users from using these? I have provided an updated COA and they know it has changed but old habits and all of that.

Thank you


  • John GraetzJohn Graetz Member Posts: 1,639 ✭✭✭
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    Hi J.  On your chart of accounts page, you will find a little tick box in the bottom left hand corner.  If you leave that unticked, the inactive accounts will not show in your list.  My recollection is that the only way that you could still use such an item (whilst that box remains unticked), was if you were to type in the full name of the item as it previously appeared and that would present a challenge that almost none would be able to achieve.
    John L G
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