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Hi  - I have set up new type of leave but for some unknown reason it is NOT accruing.  I have checked previous conversations relating to this, but cant see where I may have gone wrong??

Please see screen shot below......

Thank you in advance 



  • John GJohn G Reckon Staff Posts: 2,283 ✭✭
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    Hell Frazzled,

    Thanks for asking.

    Firstly, make sure that the Maximum number of hours is blank - no spaces or 0.

    Next, in your Leave item setup, does the Inclusions screen have Include in "Every hour worked leave accruals ticked?

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi John,

    Yes I've done all that .... twice, with no luck :-(  .  Any other thoughts?  I am thinking maybe I should just start from scratch.,
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    Is it possible that the payroll item you are using is also the item that is used to decrement the leave and so the accrual is being cancelled out each time you use it?  for example - this leave type is generally used by the Other 2 Hourly Pay item... but you would only use this when this leave is taken... in order to accrue this leave - you would use a normal pay item and tick the Include in Every Hour Worked accruals box?  not sure if I am making myself clear?  Suggest create a new item, tick the box to include in Every Hour worked and try again...  Cheers Linda
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    Thanks Linda - I want the accrued leave to show on peoples payslips - so set it up in the Company preferences - employee defaults - and utilised the spare 'leave' tab.

    If I set it up as a new payroll item will the accruals be able to displayed on payslips?
  • Linda ABCLinda ABC Member Posts: 1,171 ✭✭
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    So - step one is what you have done in your preferences - which sets up the name of the leave type - which you have called LL on the spare tab.  This tab has some default items already setup called Other 2 Salary and Other 2 Hourly - using these items in a pay wiill REDUCE the value of leave owing.... However there is a step two: in order to INCREASE the leave accrual for this type - you need to use a pay item - such as Hourly Pay - that has the box ticked to Include in "Every Hour Worked" - so that if you pay some using this item, AND they have the 4th tab called LL set to accrue time for every hour worked... then each hour you pay them - will accrue leave for this type... then step 3 is when they take this leave - this is when you use a pay item that is setup to decrease the accrual... most people would just AMEND the Other 2 pay items so they are called what is relevant - such as "LL hours taken"... otherwise in order to use the leave and reduce the value of the accrual - you need to make a new pay item - and on the third screen in - here you select that this item is for your LL leave type... hopefully this is now making sense for you?  cheers Linda
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