have an employee who earns overtime but it isnt calculating super probably on his gross amount?

margaretmargaret Member Posts: 39
I have an employee who works overtime, but super inst calculating correctly on the total earnings probably it is only calculating on the Hourly Pay 


  • Linda ABCLinda ABC Member Posts: 1,171 ✭✭
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    Super isn't normally payable on overtime Margaret... does that account for the difference?
  • margaretmargaret Member Posts: 39
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    I knew that and yes it does but normally it would calculate on total hours by the hourly rate i.e work a total of 33 hours which includes their overtime hours then by hourly rate, but it isn't calculating that at all?

  • Malcolm McMasterMalcolm McMaster Member Posts: 17
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    I'm not sure I have the correct understanding of your question, however, assuming the question is that superannuation is not calculated on the overtime component, this is the correct outcome. Super is not payable on overtime. If however, the super IS calculation on the overtime component, then you need to delve into the payroll items & make sure the overtime component is excluded for SGC calculation.
    Hope this helps.

  • Linda ABCLinda ABC Member Posts: 1,171 ✭✭
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    sorry - I am confused by what you mean now...there would normally be an hourly rate payroll item for their ordinary hours - which would attract super... then there would normally be an hour rate payroll item for their overtime hours (ie for time & a half, double time when they work in excess of their agreed hours) - which would not attract super... is that what is happening here?  you might need to provide an example or screen dumps that show what you mean and what is not happening how you expect it to?
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