Wages wont show in bank account

Paul Erin StrahanPaul Erin Strahan Member Posts: 3
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I'm sorry this might seem simple...

I am new to Reckon One. I have entered payruns back to 1 July (date book starts). I can print payslips etc but when I go to check the transactions in the bank account there is nothing. No record of the pay amounts being made.

What am I missing? What settings do I need to change to may these pays register in the bank accounts?



  • Corry BreugemCorry Breugem Member Posts: 2
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    I had exactly that same question but have the answer now: After you finalise your payrun you will have to do the payment: click on the + in righthandcorner, choose money out - payment. This will take you to the payment window, in payable type you choose payroll payable, for contact you choose the name of employee, at the bottom you can see the list of payments that have been made to that particular employee and you will have to pay them one by one :), Fun, I have to still do mine from the 1st of July.
  • Paul Erin StrahanPaul Erin Strahan Member Posts: 3
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    Cool. Thanks. I had tried to do that, but nothing was coming up under the employees name after clicking payroll payable. Do you think this means I have wrongly assigned a payroll account? Mmmh.
  • norm memerynorm memery Member Posts: 9
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    I had the same problems as Paul Erin.  FYI to anyone else who is stuck out there (like I was for hours today before I looked here and had a lightbulb moment); to have employee amounts show up on the bank rec: click on draft, then actions (upper RHS), click finish pay run.  This will transfer it to the bank rec.
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