Problems with allocating a customer adjustment note to an invoice

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I've followed these steps in Reckon One however when I get to #3 and click on Issue Refund, there's no green "View full details". How can I allocate a CAN to an invoice?
  1. Create the customer adjustment note / credit note. Enter values as positive (Reckon One will deal with the debit / credit aspect automatically.
  2. Save the note.
  3. Select 'issue refund'.
  4. Select 'View full details' (now visible in green section at bottom of screen).
  5. On the 'Allocate' tab you should see the invoice that has not been paid.
  6. You can select the invoice and apply the credit note. Remember to enter the amount you want to allocate to the invoice.


  • LukeLuke Reckon Staff Posts: 281
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    Hi gr,

    From step 4 it should be:

    4. Tick the box 'Apply available transactions'
    5. Select from the drop-down menu the invoice you would like to apply the CAN to.
    6. Enter the amount of the CAN you would like to use against this invoice.
    7. Click Save

    I hope this helps.

  • John GJohn G Reckon Staff Posts: 2,289 ✭✭
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    Hello gr,

    You do not need the 'View full details' option to allocate this Adjustment Note to an invoice.  Tick the box 'Apply available transaction ($$$.cc)' and then in the 'Transaction to apply' box, select the appropriate  invoice.  

    Please note that when you tick 'Apply available transaction ($$$.cc)' the 'View full details' option disappears.  

    If 'View full details' button is not functioning properly please call Technical Support 1300 756663 for further investigation.

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    Thanks Luke and John. Turns out it was the green "issue refund" at the bottom of the list of CANs that doesn't work. If you open up the relevant CAN there's another green "issue refund" tab at the top. This leads to "apply available transactions".
    The first one is something for Tech Support to work on.

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