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I need to do a fresh install of H&B 2013 on a new computer.  Problem is that my H&B 2013 was purchased as an upgrade from Quicken 2003 which itself was an upgrade version from Quicken V98.
I seem to recall that when I initially installed H&B 2013 I had to install V98, activate it, then install Q2003, activate it and finally go through the install H&B 2013 procedure which included uninstalling Q2003 somewhere along the way and then activating H&B 2013.  All rather messy.

Is there an easier way of doing this fresh install of H&B 2013 ?


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    I assume you have all the personal DATA files up to the v2013 edition.  ie:  the DATA is one thing, and the PROGRAM you want to re-install, is a separate consideration.   Your history of migrating up from older products went thru those sets of steps mainly to convert the content of your DATA from Quicken to 2003 to 2013.   But today, you still have the DATA in 2013 structure, and yo have some need to re-install the PROGRAM aspect only.

    You have a new machine,  just install 2013 and get it going, and use the SAMPLE data to prove you are registered and running again.   (Don't even consider those older products anymore).  TIP,  reboot the PC after the registration process.

    Then restore you last BACKUPS of your personal 2013 DATA files (or even easier.   just  transfer the live DATA files from the OLD CP to the new PC via a memory stick or similar).   And then have the new PC run the fresh 2013 program and have it OPEN the latest DATA files you've shifted onto the new PC.

    You may need to place a CALL to Reckon for the Registration process.


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    As Gary mentioned Atlanta, you should be able to install 2013 version (as long as you still have the installation key code and your customer ID) without the requirement of the other versions being on your new computer, so give it a go.

    Regards, Robyn Kelly

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    As I mentioned elsewhere a direct upgrade which you have does NOT require you to install the prior versions. Honestly have you even teied this?
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    Yes I have a couple of years ago, the last time I changed computers.
    The version of Reckon H&B  that I bought back in 2013 was the discounted upgrade version ?which I had to install with Q2003 still installed for the first step, then uninstall Q2003, then complete the installation. As I said very messy.
    However I will try the register with sample date method suggested by Gary
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    Was wondering what became of your problem.  We all stand corrected..... Seems the ID that you are entering, expects a prior edition,  or ,  you do in fact have a distribution kit that works on the basis of an UPGRADE from an earlier edition,  just as you were telling us all in the first place.  Never come across this combination/issue before to be frank - always thought the kits were one and the same.     All I can suggest,  is that you seek permission from Reckon to see if a full version 'KIT" could be permitted to be used in your situation (ie:  with your history of entitlement and the machines involved, and the dilemma of the need to replace a machine on this occasion.  That is not something we, as Partners can assist with -0 as it is a licensing matter of Reckon.  OR:  you go thru the historical steps of getting those older products onto the new machine, to get back to a point where they exist again, for the purpose of deploying the UPGRADE/

    Sorry it ended up like this. 

    But await input from others who may have a better clue than what I've shared here.

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    Hi Gary, sorry it took so long for me to reply but it took a bit of trial and error to get up and running again.
    As you saw, if I ran Setup.exe file I got the error message about previous install.
    Out  of desperation I ran the ReckonAccounts 2013.msi file as Administrator, this actually installed the program AND allowed me to activate it on-line using my ID and P/W...great
    Now comes the downside, after about a dozen entries to one of my data files, an error message popped up which said the program file was corrupt but the data file was OK.  That was a first for me.
    Anyway all attempts to Repair or Modify the program file failed so I had to uninstall the program via Control Panel.
    I repeated all the above install procedure with a similar error occurring after a few transactions.
    This time I left the program installed and ran the Setup.exe file again.  Lo and behold it worked without error as it saw the '.msi' install as a 'previous install' which had been activated.
    I have entered a few hundred transactions and printed dozens of reports in the last week and not a hiccup. (puts finger to forehead)
    I was ready to dig out my 1990 original floppies of Quicken Version 4 for DOS and burn them in a public protest about the Quicken/Reckon Paranoia about unauthorized use of their software.
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    Atlanta - you've done well!   That 'as Administrator'  aspect comes up in some combinations.   As for the 'corrupt' aspect,  being it was the PROGRAM and fortunately not your DATA,  I have to guess that there was some small aspect of the program only affecting certain discrete operations,  that called up a file that was either incorrectly installed,  or was sitting on a bad block of the disk or the like.   Check your Windows EVENT LOGS ('system' section')  to observe if there are any DISK errors at about the time of your faiiures.

    Main thing now, is to BACKUP (with a full verify)  and put the generated QBB backup files onto another set of disks (OFFLINE, removed from) your PC.

    Thanks for the feedback - it will help future readers.



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