Create purchase order from sales order; copy custome Description text?

James McIntoshJames McIntosh Member Posts: 5
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Hello, using Reckon Accounts Premier 2018, but was same in previous version.

When creating a Purchase Order from a Sales Order, any custom text in the Description field is reset to the default text for the Item.

Is there a way to avoid this and have the custom Description text copied?

As a screenprinter, we order - one-off -  many sizes and colour combinations from thousands of different t-shirt models, so we use Description to specify model, sizes and colour.


  • Orkun EvrenOrkun Evren Member Posts: 92
    edited February 2019
    I am glad that I am not the only one that finds this annoying. Reckon used to have a wishlist facility years ago so you could put suggestions for the development team to consider when working on new versions/updates etc but it has never happened. This issue has been there since day 1 of this software.

    We too have the same problem James. about 2500 std items entered into their own codes and then a lot of custom one off items summarised into a particular code. Nothing more annoying than having to copy/paste 3-4 pages of details when it resets on the conversion.
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