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I have just paid my Reckon Personal Plus licence renewal fee.  The screen that refreshed after the purchase was blank and the confirmation email for the purchase was completely blank.  How do I apply the renewal to my current installation?


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    Welcome to the Reckon Community Brett.

    I've requested that a new confirmation be sent to you.  In the meantime, you can get your details on in the Reckon Member's Area.  You'll need your Reckon customer Number and PIN.  

    Hope to have you up and running with the new licence shortly.

  • Brett RixBrett Rix Member Posts: 6
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    I can see the IKC and download link in my account page.  Do I need to reinstall the 2018 version?  I tried to apply the IKC in the licence renewal screen and now it tells me my licence file is corrupted, which means I can't access the software at all.  I hope you are not expecting customers to have an enjoyable licence renewal experience - because it isn't!
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    Hello Brett,

    When renewing your annual licence you only need to enter the new IKC for the existing programme.
    When you open your RAP you probably see this screen:


    Go to Step 2 and select Start over with a new Installation key and click OK
    Then enter your new IKC.

    If yo get the "your licence is corrupt" message, then follow these the steps:

    1. Make sure you are connected to the internet if you are registering online

    2. Click 'OK' to the message on your screen

    3. Activate quicken by putting your installation key code in again and click 'OK'

    4. Follow the onscreen prompts and your registration will be complete.

    If you continue getting "your licence is corrupt" messages then do the following:
    Go to C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Quicken\Config.
    Find the file quicken.lic and delete it.  
    Register again.  

    Trust this gets you in.

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