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I use base currency (AUD) for a while, and have the multi-currency (USD) turned on yesterday.

I found on all existing customer and suppliers cards,  the "Currency" box is blank and grey out. I am not be able to use these customers and suppliers anymore.

Although when I create new customers and suppliers I can set the currency box to either AUD or USD, but I dont want to create all customers and suppliers again. I want to continue using the existing ones since they contain all historical data.

Can anyone show me the trick to solve the problem? Thanks.


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    Hello Wilson,

    Reckon to the Reckon Community.

    Multiple currencies are managed separately in Reckon Accounts - you should familiarise yourself with the multicurrency section in the Help Index for answers to many questions you will have.

    You will need separate Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable accounts for each currency you are using.  A customer and supplier can only be assigned to one of these control accounts, so if you are issuing/receiving invoices in more than one currency to a customer/supplier, then you will need separate customer/supplier records, assigned to the particular currency that will attach to the control Accounts Receivable/Payable account.

    As you originally setup the company file without multi-currency, all your customers and suppliers were attached to the generic Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.  When you switched on multi-currency, the Accounts Receivable/Payable control accounts, together with their customers and suppliers and their transactions, were associated with the home currency and closed to any changes to the currency base.  

    When you create new customers and suppliers you will be able to choose their currency base.  Once you pass a transaction to them you will not be able to change their currency base.

    Hope this helps.


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    One of my clients had the exact same problem, mixing AUD and USD AR accounts. How do you transfer the customer's balance (in AUD) to the newly created customer account (n USD)? 
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