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I was loving most things about Reckon One for our small business. But I'm becoming increasingly frustrated with the whole BAS payment/refund process. There has to be a simpler way... surely!

Each month I generally need to make a payment to the ATO, and this is made up of a combination of the following:

1A - GST owed to the ATO
1B - GST owed by the ATO
W2 - PAYG withheld
7D - fuel tax credit

Is there a simple way that I can process my BAS payment to the ATO each quarter - against the correct accounts they relate to - without doing a whole series of journal entries?

Some help/advice would be very much appreciated!!

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    I would of thought when you enter your monthly payment to the ATO, so long as you split the transaction and assign the respective amounts to the four accounts you have listed, that Reckon would take care of the rest.  Does it not?
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    Unless I am doing something wrong - it doesn't appear to be that simple. I'm really hoping I am doing it wrong, so it can be that simple!
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    Are you using TAX > BAS to do you BAS? 
    I use this feature and it pulls the figures I need out of reckon. I don't have employees so no PAYG for me. But REckonOne cranks out the 1A and 1B figures which I then submit to ATO.  Depending on if it is a credit or debit  I create an appropriate transaction to account for this payment or refund.  It was a debit last quarter so I created a payment in the GST Payable account. Thats all I do.   If I had employees I expect the a PAYG owing amount would have been included in this transaction too.    
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    Hi Anna

    R1 isn't my specific area of expertise but I believe Ted has confirmed below that - providing the total is a payable amount, not a refund - this can be done via "Make Payment" rather than GJ entries ...
    Reckon has a range of "How to ..." videos, including for making BAS Payments:

    Hope that helps :)

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