Missing Transactions on BankFeed Downloads

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I recently "upgraded" to Reckon Hosted, and have had no end of trouble setting up the Bank Feeds, and finding the answers have been very time-consuming (time which I dont have). I have just tried to import transactions for the last 8-10 days in two of my accounts.  In one account only 4 transactions came through, but when I checked my bank statement, there were 5 more that should have uploaded also.  On the other account, no transactions uploaded, but I know there were quite a few (it is an account I use on a daily basis).  If this is any indication of what I am going to encounter for the next 15 months, I wont be renewing my subscription. 


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    Hello Debra,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    Before doing anything further, and if you have not already done so, familiarise yourself with the guide to configuring your company file for Bankdata and downloading transactions on this thread.  Hopefully the information there will ensure you get all your latest available transactions.

    To get the latest transactions possible you can force a refresh of your Yodlee connections by logging in to bankdata.reckon.com and clicking the link in the Status column, re-entering your bank online credentials, and waiting a short while for Yodlee to update your bankdata record.  

    For credit card transactions, there may be a couple more days delay between the date of the transaction and it appearing on your online statement as "pending", and the date they are fully processed by the bank and made "posted" and available for BankData. 

    Hope this helps.


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