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ashleyfrahnashleyfrahn Member Posts: 1
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When setting transaction rules, it would be good if you could choose an option under the description to search for part of a word instead being limited to full words only.

For example, here is the text from my bank statement that feeds into Reckon One when I make a purchase at Coles:


The only unique text is Coles, but there is no space between the month and the word Coles, and therefore I can't set a rule to search for Coles because this is only part of the word imported from my bank.

Because of this limitation when I set rules for all my regular purchases, I need to set 12 rules (1 for each month) for each of my suppliers.

This is very cumbersome and the software should not have this limitation in the transaction rules.


  • TedTed Member Posts: 46
    edited July 2019
    Great idea. Was thinking the same thing just yesterday.




    ...needs a wildcard option for *-BP or *-CALTEX or *-Horseland to match any amount of contiguous character series ending in the unique characters that define the supplier.

    In my case the POS# numbers are too varied to include in search.
  • ShisirShisir Reckon Staff Posts: 257
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    Hi Ted and Ashleyfrahn,

    We have this idea already logged in our Ideas Portal. Could I please ask you to check this idea and cast your vote for it, so that, it gets prioritised?


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