Payroll Premier Payslips & Payment Summary error

Kelly SerleKelly Serle Member Posts: 14
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Im using payroll premier 2018/2019 and im trying to email payslips (even printing isnt working right now) and i click it but then it takes me to the payment summaries page and even then i tried to click print or email just to see what it would do but it wouldnt do a thing. i cant email or print them. im just worried especially for next month when i want to print payg summaries. i know they are lodged online etc but my clients are old school and still want a printed version. thankyou


  • Helen BowersHelen Bowers Member Posts: 98
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    Hi Kelly. First of all make sure you have entered in everyone's details that they are to receive both printed and email slips. Then before doing the payroll, close your email package. To successfully email, you must let Reckon open and close the email software. Hope this helps.
  • Kelly SerleKelly Serle Member Posts: 14
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    Thankyou helen unfortunately it doesnt work that way. i closed all email programs but it literally brings up the INB Payment Summaries screen after thinking a while even though i didnt ask it to be brought up. Then i tried to click the print or email buttons on there just to test and absolutely nothing works.
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    I am also having this issue where I click email on the payslips and it loads the INB Payment Summaries screen

  • Kelly SerleKelly Serle Member Posts: 14
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    i logged a support call and it turned out it was because either the company information has more that 30 characters or has commas in the name.
    this is what fixed mine hope it helps

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