Problem sending payslips by email

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Reckon Accounts Plus 2019

When sending payslips using Outlook 2016 some recipients receive the email as winmail.dat others do not.

Outlook settings have been changed to use Plain text per guidance suggested all over the forum.

I tried removing office altogether and No Default mail client, then set "Other" using setting I know work for other email clients. Errors ranged from email and password incorrect to server cannot be contacted (when I changed ports eg 25 465 587 etc)

I then setup to use GMail. I used known GMail settings and also played with port numbers. I get the error" Errors ranged from email and password incorrect to server cannot be contacted.

I am now installing Office again in 32 bit mode to see if we can get that working.

Any ideas why GMail will not work?



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    Winmail.dat is a Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange (Office 365 Account as well) issue when sending Tnef email format to a none Microsoft email client. This as nothing at all to do with Reckon.

    Multiple of fixes depending on depending the one that suits your situation.

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    I beg to differ. I fixed the issue by making sure that Office is installed as 32 bit version. By default these days the download Office comes as 64 bit. Now with 32bit it works. I obviously turned of TNEF previously, per Plain text Options changes in Outlook.

    Along the way I tried using the Gmail send option with a known (mine) Gmail account and password and various port settings (using Google guidance) and it did not work kept saying the email or password were incorrect and same with a known SMTP server that we everyday and full configuration on it. Same error. Email and password incorrect when they are correct.
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    Yes that is correct, That’s because the Reckon is 32bit software. Which has already been mentioned in this forum.

    This is why it doesn’t work.

    Reckon have never mentioned it works with 64bit Office and unless they rewrite it will never work.
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    I've got a client that upgraded to windows 10 and a new version of (Office) who now has a whole host of issues trying to email payslips out of Reckon. The first error is about the default mail app not being set when Outlook is actually set. (Yes, that's due to the 64bit so installing 32bit will solve that.) They then get the error message about a program trying to use Outlook and allow or deny, followed by a 'the program is busy switch to or retry' message. Allow and switch to then lets the email be sent. And this needs to be done for every single payslip. Changing outlook security for warnings to never and running both programs as Admin doesn't help. They also have some recipients, not all getting the winmail.dat attachment instead of the pdf. When I rang Reckon support a few weeks ago I went over these issues with them and he admitted its an open case that still requires a resolution. I specifically asked him if Reckon XXX was compatible with 64bit Office, as I suspected it wasn't. He told me it was. Maybe he has a different idea of what compatible means? I asked him if I could resolve all these issues by removing the 64bit office and re-installing a 32bit version. He said I don't know. You can try it.:-| I have seen the new 365/winmail.dat threads, so may try that. But wondering if 32bit office is actually going to solve it anyway? Thoughts?
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    This is what I thought when a recently upgraded client was having issues emailing payslips from Reckon after upgrading to new machines. (win10 and 64bit office) They get at least 3 different message prompts and some of the attachments arrive as the winmail.dat - I specifically called Reckon support about it and asked if  Reckon was compatible with 64bit Office, to which I was told yes it is. I found this surprising. After trying a few of his suggestions without resolution I asked if I remove 64bit office and install a 32bit version, will all of these issues go away? His reply was "I don't know, you could try it."  So try it I have. I can report there are 0 message prompts now and the attachments are being received as PDF not winmail.dat So I would recommend going back to 32bit office if you're having issues.
    Currently installed MSO 16.0.12527.20170 32bit with no issues.
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