Reckon Accounts Hosted very slow to open

Murray CarrMurray Carr Member Posts: 1
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My Reckon Account hosted is very slow to open, (over 500 seconds) on both the computers i use it on & even when it is open for instance, it takes over 30 seconds between receipt inputs, it has been fine, but bad for the last week. I tested my internet speed & it says it is above average.


  • Kwikbooks (Professional Partner)Kwikbooks (Professional Partner) Member Posts: 876
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    Hi Murray

    Not always your end, slowness is often Reckon end, many people on at once, mine was my port at one stage, once they change ports their end it worked better.

    Also could be from a large file.

    I have mine freeze or delay whilst typing, you wait five min. for typing to catch up, and I have had my tabs run backwards often.

    When you login to hosted before you 'launch' there is a link to test your speed, this is the speed for your connection to Hosted.

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