Can I copy my existing chart of accounts list and import into a new company file?

Kristy CollinsKristy Collins Member Posts: 4
We have just changed our business from a sole trader ABN to a company so I have created a new company file. Is there a way to copy my existing chart of accounts list and import into the new company file? Hoping I don't have to set it all up again.


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    Hi Kristy

    Yes, you can export from one file & import to another with an IIF format.

    File menu > utilities > import/export > lists to IIF..... chose what you want to export & import, save export to PC, then import in the new file the same way.

    If you are taking employees, you may need to take all the payroll details including leave if they are not being terminated and will be ongoing.
  • Shari FallawShari Fallaw Member Posts: 2
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    Did you have any luck Kristy?  I'm trying to do the same but keep getting an error message saying "Error on Line 7: You cant change the type of account.

    Any ideas? 
  • Rhodes Biloela Pty LtdRhodes Biloela Pty Ltd Member Posts: 47
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    Kwikbooks do you know if this creates open balances in your chart of accounts?

    I am doing the same thing and I swear I saw someone here say you can import your balance sheet once you have imported your shell files because doing that import option won't generate any transaction details it just brings across the shell of the account. tech Support at Reckon advised that importing a balance sheet won't generate open balances they would need to be manually entered as gen jnl entries. 

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    I also imported the account list to another file, and then I wanted to send the file to my friend via email. I have an AOL mail id. But an error occurred when I tried to send the mail so that I couldn't log in to my id. I found the solution to the AOL mail error after searching many websites and resolved it. But after this matter, I couldn't import the account lists to another file. What should I do?
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    Rhodes:  yes you can import opening balances via spreadsheet. For chart of accounts there isn't many opening balance, assets & liab. only, so shouldn't take you long to do manually, with printout from old file.
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    Natasha, something must have corrupted the file when you tried to email it.

    Export new IIF file from old system and import to new.
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