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I would like to be able to use QB (hosted) to be able to send requests for quotes to suppliers, we have over 400 components we are manufacturing and there are over 2000 nuts and bolts in the machine all up! In light of this I would like to keep everything tracked in one system.

I have been using a purchase order with modified template to send these requests for quotes, but this is leading me to look like I have ordered parts from each of the suppliers when really I just want to know the differences in prices.

Which section should I be using for this? Should it be create estimates with a modifed template? the same section I send my quotes from to our clients? Or is there another location?

Its probably really obvious but I would love a bit of guidance and we are busy and also setting up QB so strapped for time on the learning front.

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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi Learner1234

Primarily, Reckon Accounts is an accounting system so it's main features are developed around that.  Purchase Orders are intended to be used for actual Supplier orders placed, that can then be used to "receive" the related deliveries &/or bills.

A request for a quote from a supplier would normally be done outside of the system & once you have decided who/what you're purchasing, THEN you would enter a Purchase Order to your chosen supplier.

Alternatively, you could continue entering POs for each of your quote requests & just delete those that you don't end-up going with.  (Orders are non-posting transactions, meaning they do not affect t your financials/figures in any way & can be edited/deleted without causing any problems)

Hope that helps.