Using RAP:RE2014 - went to review ABA file in on-line banking got 'Access is denied' error box with 'auregfind Query Failed' message.

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Using RAP:RE2014 - went to review ABA file in on-line banking and getting an 'Access is denied' error box with 'auregfind Query Failed' message. Then displays last file created yesterday! What's the problem?
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Stephan Smydzuk

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Posted 6 years ago

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Mirko, Alum

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Hey Stephen, welcome to the Community.

Sounds like there maybe an issue with the company file name, you will generally get these errors when your company file name contains illegal characters.  Illegal characters are:  \ , /, :, *, ?, ", <, > and |.

If your company file does not have any of these characters please let me know.

This too is a good point of reference:


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Stephan Smydzuk

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Hi Mirko .... no illegal characters ... not having any other issues just creating the ABA file - when I attempt to 'preview' the file the message appears and defaults to a file created (and uploaded successfully to our bank) on 7 July ...... If I ignore the message and go to 'create' the file ... the message reappears .... again, if I ignore it, Quicken creates a file which appears to be correct (checked after being uploaded to our bank and before we authorised the file for processing).


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Hi Stephan
I experienced a similar issue with a client some time ago in an earlier version.
From memory the fix in that instance was to delete the corrupt 'auregfind.xml' file from the folder where the data file was stored and replace it with a copy of the blank one located in the Reckon Accounts installation directory. The new file is then updated with the correct path.
Suzanne Lockwood
Reckon Accredited Consultant
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Stephan Smydzuk

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Hi Suzanne

Thanks for the tip .... did this and it got rid of the error message ... but still gave incorrect result on 'preview' of the ABA file.

Looked at data file directory files and deleted 'viewABA.htm' in the 'ABAPages' folder.

This seems to have 'fixed' this problem ..... but I have not done a 'real' transaction ... only a 'test' remotely .... not back into the office to next week .... then I will process a 'live' transaction and let you know the result.



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Hi Stephan, Did this fix your problem? I am having this problem today with one employees login and am unsure how to fix it. Not too sure how to locate the viewABA.htm file either?

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Mikko Quilala

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Hi guys... in regards to this issue I've had the same thing happen to me for the past 2 weeks since installing Reckon Accounts 2014 and thanks to Stephan and Suzanne... I've pin pointed the problem.


i work on a server based Reckon Accounts Enterprise and i work with 5 different company files doing all the wages and supplier payments so you can imagine how frustrating this was for me. these folders may be located elsewhere depending on how quickbooks was setup.

please make sure Quickbooks is closed or make sure you restart quickbooks after doing the below.

so first.....

i copied the auregfind.xml file from the Reckon Accounts installation directory on the desktop.

this is where it got a bit messy.... for some reason there were 2 different folders that i found Quickbooks was referring to for my previous ABA files

(one located in "C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Reckon Accounts 2014\Accounts Enterprise 2014"...

The other in "C:\ProgramData\Reckon\Reckon Accounts 2014\Accounts Enterprise 2014")

*the "ProgramData" folder is hidden so you'll need to show all hidden folders*


just to be safe and not wanting to screw with the system, I made a copy of everything just in case.... then... where ever i found auregfind.xml... i replaced the file with the copy i made on the desktop.


now go to the folder "C:\ProgramData\Reckon\Reckon Accounts 2014\Accounts Enterprise 2014" your company file data should be in there for your ABA files made historically. Look for a folder called "ABAPages" and delete everything inside here.. if you have multiple company files you work on, you'll need to go into each company files folder individually and delete whats inside the folder


do the same thing in "C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Reckon Accounts 2014\Accounts Enterprise 2014" as step 3 and like i said... for some reason Quickbooks was referencing old ABA files from both of these folders.

this got me working fine again with all number correct in preview ABA file BUT..... and this is a big BUT... and i think this is wherein the main problem lies.....for some reason when I previewed my ABA file in one company file... it was creating a viewABA file document in a totally different company file..... so i've been having to delete these as i go along which is a tad annoying and unfortunately haven't been able to sort this one out but the upside for me is it's saving more time deleting these files than having to calculate 80 different transactions hoping i didn't miss a number.
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Carrie Chappell

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We are getting the same error, and would like to get some confirmation from Reckon that the above solution (or an alternative) is available.


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Mirko, Alum

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Hey Carrie, Suzanne's post along with mine above resolve the matter in most instances we have heard of. Any other work around that have not been tested by our Techs such as Mikko's post we can not confirm or deny if they are successful (aside from what Mikko has said). Try the suggestions in this thread and hopefully they do the trick for you. If after these fix attempts you still experience difficulties I'd suggest seeking one-to-one assistance from Tech support.