Why do i still have a balance after redeeming all investment units?

JOHN BURKE Member Posts: 2
Personal Plus 2011. I have redeemed all my units in an investment and the unit balance now shows zero, however "Net Worth Report" still shows $-9.46.


  • Andrew Hellier
    Andrew Hellier Reckon Staff Posts: 178 Reckon Staff
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    Hi John
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    Perhaps try and validate the data file and see if those amounts will refresh?
    Cheers, Andrew
    JOHN BURKE Member Posts: 2
    edited December 2013
    Thanks Andrew, tried this still have the problem. Nothing held in cash balance either.
  • Dean Bajevic
    Dean Bajevic Alumni Posts: 30
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    Hello John,

    1) Create a backup

    2) Delete that transaction and have a look at report and ensure it’s correct

    3) Now do the transaction again and have a look again at the report to see if that transaction caused any problem