Why do stock price updates take a long time in the newly installed Accounts Personal Plus 2013?

david klumpp
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I have used Quicken (personal plus) for many years: previous versions retrieved data rapidly, but new version Reckon Accounts Pers plus 2013 takes quite a long time to get information; in short it is slow to respond. Any ideas? For example in Download stock quotes.


  • Michael
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    Hi David,

    Thank you for your question.

    We have never heard of this specific issue before.

    To drill down into this issue, two questions:

    1) What exact version of Windows are you using?
    2) How slow is it? eg. takes 5 seconds to when I click on this...

    You can try the sample company file, to see if the issue is file-related or program/computer related.

    That is, if you cannot replicate the issue in the sample company, then the issue is your company file.

    If that is the case, you may want to do few file maintenance by doing the following:

    1) Go fo File > File Operations > Validation
    2) Select your file and go OK

    Super Validation:
    1) Go to File > File Operations > now press and hold Ctrl Shift (keep holding until next step) and click on Validate and select your file and go OK

    2) When the Super Validation window opens, release Ctrl Shift and wait until it ends.

    On the other hand, if the same issue also exists in the sample company, then the issue could be the program's installation etc.

    See if the above helps. You may want to try it on another PC to see if it's PC related issue.



  • JohnF
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    I can individually update share quotes, but when I use the one step update, the system goes on forever without connecting. I have tried using only one code that I know works individually, but still the One Step spins its wheels.