Why can't I edit a Liability Account after upgrading from Personal 2004?

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I have upgraded from Personal 2004 to Reckon Accounts 2013 . Data seems to have converted OK but I note that one of my Liability accounts, a property loan now shows in my net worth and property and debts tab but is not in my accounts list/tab . Neither is in the manage accounts list so is not hidden and I cannot edit this account from property and debts . WOuld appreciate any suggestions


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     Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your post,

    If you are able to see that account in Property and Debt list and then simply right click on the account and then go to edit account.

    Under Manage Account, you can also scroll down as it might be further down in the list.

    It’s also worth doing validation of the file.

    To do that:

    Go to File -> File Operations -> Validate -> Select your file and then press OK.


    Hope these help.




  • Michelle_6886974
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    Hi Steve

    Did you get a resolution for this issue? I am having exactly the same problem.

    I have tried Dharmesh's solution above, but that didn't work for me.

    Kind regards