how to track ebay and paypal fees on Reckon Accounts

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Its probably mpretty easy but I cant get my head around it hehe. How can I track ebay and paypal fees? Its done on 8% for ebay and a 30 cent fee +2.4% . Can I set up an account for it and if so what type.

Thanks in advance


  • Robin Rickard
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    Hi Dean,

    It depends how you want to track them.

    Are you on-charging to customers?

    Do you want a break down on an invoice?

    Are you referring to paying the money to eBay/PayPal?

    Are you referring to the difference in the amount you sell it for and the amount you receive in your PayPal account?

  • Michael Ortiz
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    I too have the same, should I create "paypal" supplier and once a month create an invoice to them then pay from my "paypal bank" that I've created?...would the same go for eBAy?
  • Krischan
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    Hi, I too don't know how to do this and would welcome some feedback on what others do.
    The amount billed to customer is the total, and the total they should see on the invoice. Yet, the amount that appears on PayPal account is that, less their fee. So when I transfer money from PayPal account to my bank account there is less money to transfer, and the amount on bill does not equal money avaiolable to pay this bill. Help would be appreciated - surely this is not hard. Thanks!
  • Krischan
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  • Tanya Bangay
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    Did you end up figuring out how to do this Krischan?

  • John G
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    Hi Tanya,

    I presume PayPal fees are charges made on you and not on your customer.  So in effect you have two transactions - a Sale to your customer and a Charge on you by PayPal.

    How are the Paypal transactions brought into your Accounts -  bulk or transaction by transaction?

    You may need to utilise a "PayPal clearing account" where you receive customer payments (100% of Sale) and then pay the PayPal fee.  Then transfer the balance to your normal bank account.

    Hope this helps.