QuickPos administrator to Quickbooks Posting Issue

Andrew Kofod
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I keep getting an error code when I try to do a POST from QP Admin.

Quickbooks comes up with the message 

"Another Tax Invoice or Adjustment Note already has number ####"

"You can keep the number but may have problems...etc"

This can happen half a dozen times per posting (each day), and can give us different numbers each day.

I have tried searching for the numbers that it refers to so I can change it without any real success.

Im hoping theres something I can de activate to stop this problem.


  • Jamaiel_6490508
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    Hi Andrew,

    Welcome to Reckon Community!

    With regards to your query, as you've probably surmised, the message you encounter is due to duplicate transaction numbers used.

    This can occur when an Invoice or Adjustment Note created on Reckon Accounts (previously QuickBooks) has a similar number used when a transaction is tendered in POS usually when Reset the Transaction Number is selected during processing of your End-of-Day File.

    To avoid this in the future:
    1. Check the most latest transaction number in Reckon Accounts
    2. Decide a range of transaction number (unused) to use in Reckon Accounts and POS
    3. In POS Terminal, you need to enter the new Transaction Number Start and follow the steps by clicking here
    Hope it helps!

    Kind Regards,