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Lisa Marsden
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I have recently purchased a new computer which is running Windows 8.1. I have installed ReckonAccounts Plus 2013 & the text & font sizing is too small that it actually hurts my eyes. I was originally using this software on a computer that was running Windows 7 & it was fine. I have tried to change the sizing through windows on my computer & it has changed the font size on everything else except Quickbooks. Does anyone know how I can change this? Thanks


  • Shisir
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    Hi Lisa

    Thank you for asking on Reckon Community.

    As you mentioned you have changed the screen size, I assume you have changed the screen resolution and the DPI(make text and other items larger or smaller) to smaller 100% / Medium125% / larger 150%, and it didn’t work for you.

    If this is not what you have done, than I will recommend you to try this first and lower the screen resolution. if the issue persists change the text size too.

    If the issue  persist, it  appears to be the compatibility issue with the display drivers with your graphics card. Please try the below steps
    1. Right click your Reckon Accounts  icon on your desktop
    2.    Select Properties and then Compatibility tab
    3.    In the Settings area, tick one of the below check boxes one at a time:
      a.    Disable visual themes
      b.    Disable desktop composition
      c.    Disable display scaling on high DPI settings
    4.    If ticking one does not resolve the issue, then tick a second, and if needed a third one as well. 

    Please let me know if this helps.



  • Lucy D'Amico_7077831
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    I too have upgraded my computer to windows 8 and the font size on Reckon is very small.  I tried to reduce the resolution which makes the font appear slightly blurry.  I increased the font size to medium and that did not appear to be different at all.  Large is too large on other applications.  

    Since the upgrade the system does not work as well as before.  Producing a report takes longer.  It is easier to email yourself an excel report and save it, than it is to export.  

    Sometimes the windows do not close and you are left with parts of a window still on the desktop.

    'Cnt Tab' no longer allows you to toggle from window to window.