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I have just bought a business where the current owner has been using Quickbooks Plus 2009. He is taking his computer, software and data with him, so I have purchased Quickbooks Accounting 2013. I have set up my new company in Quickbooks and we have exported just his customer data (no tax info etc.) as an excel file to a USB Thumb drive. I have been attempting to import this excel file with no success. When I select "File / Utilities / Import, I do not see an option to select "Import Excel File", as is described in help instructions. I am only given three drop down choices - IIF Files .... , Web Connect Files ... , Web Statement Files ... I feel like something is missing from my software? What am I doing wrong? Or can someone suggest a different (better) solution to me being able to transfer all of his customer details, purchase histories etc., without any of his personal business / accounting details? Cheers, Greg.


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    Hi Greg,

    The first thing I would do would be to contact the previous owner to see if he could email you the IIF file of the customers. There is no history there just the contact details, etc.

    For the history you would need to ask for a copy of his file.

    To import an excel file you need a higher version of the software.

    Feel free to email me directly at if you need further assistance.

    Kind regards,


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    Hi Greg,

    You will need to upgrade to the Pro version to get the Import Excel Files functionality.

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    I am trying to also import an excel general ledger into my new quickbooks file, and can't seem to get the data into the system. I have Reckon Accounts Hosted R3 online version.

    Is someone able to provide assistance on how to import the data into Reckon Online.

    Many Thanks,

    Penny Toumazou