How to upgrade QuickBooks Pro 2007/08 Asia Edition

Wu Johnny
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We are using the Quickbooks pro 2007/08 Asia Edition, we has got the message from the system to prompt me to re-active my licence key and then I was paid by the Paypal online on last week, how long we can get the re-active key? 

Another question, how can we upgrade our Quickbooks pro verions? Which verions you will suggest to us if we want to keep our existing company data? Thanks.

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Johnny Wu


  • Mirko
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    Hi Johnny,

    Thanks for reaching out to us.

    If you're being asked to re-active your license key you would need to obtain a updated license key.

    Please contact to organise your new key, and discuss upgrade options.


  • Doris Ng
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    Hi Mirko,  I happen to be reading your email communications with other QB users.

    I am in Singapore using QuickBooks 2007/08 brought to you by Reckon Ltd. I don't know if you are aware all users outside Australia are unable to reactivate the software since 16th July.

     All my emails were redirected to QCOMBIZ for reactivation.  I spoke to Angela and she bluntly told me to switch to Intuit QuickBooks. There is no valid reason for Reckon not to provide support for the software manufactured by Reckon.  I am surprised by Reckon's customer service behaviour being a public-listed company. As a user I only want my old QB to be reactivated. I don't care even if I have to pay for the service so long I am able to use the software again.