Reckon Accounts Personal 2013 can't print PDF report

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I'm trying to print a simple report as a PDF document. Once I've created the report I select Print and the Print dialogue opens with the default printer "Reckon PDF Printer on LPT1:" I select OK to print and I get the message "Could not open printer. Check your printer selection." I click OK on that message and then get another error message box;


Any ideas? Or am I not able to print PDF reports?


  • Shane_6461899
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    Hi Alan,

    Try the following: 

    Assign the Quicken PDF Printer to the LPT1 port (or any unused LPT)

    1.    Close Quicken
    2.    Start > Printers & Devices
    3.    Right-click the Quicken PDF Printer and select Printer Properties and the Ports tab;
    4.    Tick the box LPT1 (or another unused LPT port):.  You will see Quicken PDF Printer appear in the Printer column;
    5.    Click Apply and OK.
    6.    Attempt to print to PDF in Quicken.
    7.    If you are still unable to print to PDF, delete the Quicken PDF Printer and reinstall from C:\Program Files\Quicken\PDFDrv\Install.exe.

    If the problem persists there are many free PDF printers on the market you can download and use.  For example Cute PDF is a popular free PDF printer.

    Good luck.  


  • Alan_6877534
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    Thanks Shane. Deleted the Reckon Printer and installed CutePDF as suggested.  Works great. Thankyou for your help on a Sunday!!!
  • Sarah Glen
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    I had Personal Plus 2009 and when I tried to print to PDF, my computer would freeze and I would have to restart. This would happen with Reckon PDF and Nuance software which I bought to create pdfs. So I ended up printing then scanning in order to email reports. I upgraded to PP 2015 hoping this would be resolved but no luck. I have just downloaded Cute PDF and was able to save so I can email. It was so annoying having to print and scan as I send lots of pdf files and have had no problem with other programs. Thanks for the tip Shane.