Investing tab not responding in Personal Plus 2013

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I've just reloaded everything and recovered my files but two of the files have a bug and will not respond she I click the Investing tab.  Even when I go to the Investing account and try the "To Investing Centre" it does not respond.
How do I fix this?
I've just got an error message that "ReckonAccounts Launcher has stopped working".
I've sent and error message and received an ID number of 140000887.


  • Hoang
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    Hi Ian,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community!

    The speed at which the Investing Portfolio screen will load and refresh depends on the amount and type of information included. 


    Remove  Avg Annual Return (%) from the default display of Investing Portfolio screen.

    1.    Options > Customise Current View;

    2.    In Displayed columns, highlight Avg. Annual Return (%)…..;

    3.    Click Remove;

    4.    Repeat Step 2 for each Avg Annual Return (%) item and other items you do not wish to see on a regular basis.

    To see these items again, repeat these steps, selecting the items from Available Columns and click Add.

     Please let me know how you go.