How to edit single activity from weekly timesheet?

Trevor Watson
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Using RA2014 and entering time by the single activity method sometimes you make an error entering in the information, ie. getting the day right but the month wrong which doesn't get picked up until you print a weekly timesheet for review. When this happens and the error is confined to the one week it's easy enough to change by just adjusting the weekly timesheet.

However, when the problem falls into a different week then the only way I've found to correct these errors is to go to enter single activity screen and keep using the previous to get to the entry that needs corrected - which is quite tedious.

I notice in the weekly timesheet there is a button "Edit Single Activity" but it's greyed out and can't be used - it would be nice if this button wasn't and I was able to highlight an entry in the timesheet - click the Edit Single Activity and be taken to the single activity entry screen. Am I missing a setting somewhere or is this a feature that's been deactivated/not yet activated?


  • Trevor Watson
    Trevor Watson Member Posts: 61
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    Just worked out how to do this - have to click in one the day columns - I'd been trying to activate it from the other columns - DOH!
  • John G
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    Hi Trevor,

    Glad to hear you worked it out.