customer payment not showing on transaction history

Jamie N Nicole Moresco
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After processing a customer payment on POS there is no record of it in Transaction History.


  • Babi
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     Hello Jammie,

     Thank you for posting your query on a community.

    1)      Have you already done End of Day and Posted back to Reckon Accounts? If so, then in Reckon Accounts, go to Reports> Accountant > Transaction list by date > filter to specific date and you should see that transaction

    2)      In POS Admin, have  a look on how many days you’ve set to keep transaction history for:
    POS Admin > Tools > options > EOD > Number of days to keep historical data > check the number of days you’ve set there. If it’s passed, you can’t retrieve from here now. You have to go through step 1 to retrieve in RA. You can change the date range now and will affect from now on

    3)      You could also lose it if your Terminal name is changed or transaction was done through another terminal

     I hope the above helps. Please let us know the outcome as that might help customers in future with similar queries as well as troubleshoot your issues if they don’t resolve.

    Kind Regards,