importing items from excel with Amts Inc Tax column - no corresponding field available in Reckon map

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HELP! I am converting from MYOB to Reckon Premier: Retail Edition. I have exported all my items to excel and mapped them correctly. EXCEPT when I do the item mapping in Reckon there is no option to select "Amts Incl Tax" (for the Gross Sale Price). My items all import OK except Reckon adds another 10% to the already inclusive price.


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    This all needs to be done in the Excel document before importing. I would suggest using the IIF file import method, not excel mapping.

    If you need help with this I would suggest to ask a Reckon professional.

    I am available if you like.

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    If you go to the item list, select each item and chose "item button lower left, edit item, on the lower right of the page is "Amt Inc tax", tick this box. Bev B
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    Hi TAS

    The Cost and Price mappings in the Excel Import are all net of GST prices, so you will have to calculate new columns for Net Cost and Net Price, then map these columns before you import.  Best formula to use is Round(GrossPrice/1.1,5).

    Once you have imported, you can export the list as an iif file, change the values in the AMTSINCTAX column from N to Y, then reimport.

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