Import Personal Plus 2014 files into Accounts Home and Business

Caroline Brown
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I have been using Personal Plus products for some years and have many years worth of information in my files (currently using 2014). I have started a small business which I currently use MYOB for on a trial, and was thinking of trying Accounts Home and Business. The deal maker or breaker for me will be whether I can import my Personal Plus files into Accounts Home and Business, as I have no intention of re-inputting that much data (including share/fund unit price values to track investment performance, so just starting again with new balances won't cut it). Can I import my existing Personal Plus files into Accounts Home and Business?


  • John Campbell
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    It is possible to export all transactions as a .csv formatted file.

    Using "Report > banking > transactions" you can generate a report (list) of all transactions.

    This can be exported via "Print > Export to file > .prn (123) format"

    You can customise this report for changing the date range, selecting split transactions or selecting hidden accounts etc. Review the options on each tab of the customise pop-up.

    This can also include non-banking accounts, such as share accounts.

    This can then be imported into Excel and should be able to be reformatted to a suitable format.

    Note: I have found there is a limit of 32,000 transactions per report, so you could apply a date range to each report and collect the info in Excel. Open the file as a .csv file or do a data > convert to text, enabling a comma separator.

    This approach applies to most transactions, giving a reliable independent format backup of all the data you have entered. Other information, such as share price history, can also be exported via a print to file function, although I have only found a single company report available. It may be easier to source prices elsewhere if this is required.

    I do not know of a direct transfer format, which would depend on how you can import the information to the new package. This is a robust approach to obtain the transactions from RPP in an independent format.


  • Mirko
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    Hey Caroline, as Home and Business is part of the Personal range, RPP data files will slot in seamlessly into H&B. Once you chose to open the file in H&B it will convert the data file to the H&B format, to allow the business functions.

    Note: Once a file has been upgraded it cannot be downgrades. If you are going to trial H&B2015, I would strongly suggest making a backup of your current RPP file, so you are able to go back to RPP if you do not find H&B2015 to perform in the way you intended it to!