How to move a reconciled deposit

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I have a deposit that has been reconciled.  At the time of the reconciliation it was not known who the funds were from, so there were put under an "unknown" supplier, with the intention of simply moving it to the correct supplier when it became known. 

I now know who the funds were from, but my problem is that it was actually a combination of 2 cheques that were banked on the same day by the boss and they have come across on the bank statement as the one deposit.  

So I have the one figure that I need to move and split - any ideas - again it has been reconciled.  


  • Charley
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    you can split it in the deposit without affecting the reconciliation, however if these are payments against an invoice then it will be a bit different
  • Judith Nicholls
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    Recode the deposit to a suspense or clearing account and clear from there. Maybe be a couple of transactions involved to do this depending in what the entries are.
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  • Charley
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    If they are payments to go against an invoice, then edit the deposit and where it says "from account' send it to a Bank Clearing Account (you may have to set it up) then 'receive payments' on the date required and deposit to that Clearing account, that will then zero out the clearing account
  • Sally McIntosh, Accredited Consultant
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    Hi Sheree,

    Are you referring to the deposit screen or the receive payments screen?

    Kind regards,

    Sally McIntosh ([email protected])

  • Kathy Mackinlay_6947388
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    i would delete the Deposit and then change the receipt to the correct customer and then redo the deposit.
  • Suzanne Lockwood
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    Hi Sheree,

    Assuming the payment is for an invoice/s and you have recorded the payment against the Unknown payee in the Make Deposit screen only you can handle it as follows to preserve your reconciled deposit:

    - Record two separate Receive Payments and allocate them to Undeposited Funds.

    - Edit the Deposit, click on the Payments button and select the two payments.

    - Remove the original line entry against the Unknown payee and re-save the transaction.

    Regards, Suzanne

  • Charley
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    Hi Sheree, Suzanne's is the correct (best) way of doing this. Wish I'd thought it through myself :-)