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Karen Glasgow
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Can anyone help please! I have just installed 2012-2013 on my laptop as my hard drive went on my accounting laptop. When I go to reports to print off my BAS there are no figures on the page. Help!!


  • Janos
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    Hi Karen,
    What Kevin means is that when you run the BAS for the first time you have to select what tax codes apply to each group on the form. So, if you bring up the BAS form with all zero entries, click the 'G1' button and select from the list the tax codes GST, INP, FRE to show your total sales, then click the 'G3' button and select FRE and INP to show the GST Free sales, then click 'G10' and select CAG, CAF and CAI. Continue for all the other buttons not forgetting '1A' and '1B' on the Debits and Credits tab. When you finish that all the numbers will calculate again.
    You only have to do this once. The next time you run the BAS it will 'remember' your selections.
    Have fun with the BAS,
  • ZoeZen
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    Thanks! Had this problem too :)
  • Claire Pitcher
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    what do you select for the other buttons ?

  • Mirko
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    Best to get in touch with your Accountant Claire. Different entities need to report on different things. ^Mirko
  • Jaen Esposito
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    Hi Janos I am currently using Quickbooks Plus 2011-2012 after reconciling I try to simplify the BAS , it seems like calculating but results with nil figures. made sure config is correct and reconciled bank statements, have been using Quickbooks for more than 10yrs never had this happen, any suggestions? Joe