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Has anyone noticed that if an user does not have any permissions for employees, not even view permissions, but they can still open up the employee centre and see the net pays for each employee. This should be blocked. This does not happen with the Premiere version.


  • Shane
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    Hi Adrian,

    To block a user from viewing the employee centre you need to give them no access to the employee centre.  Even if they currently have no access to Employees and Payroll, they must still have access to Employee Centre or else they would not be able to open it.  Just adjust their role so employee centre has no access.



  • suemax1964
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    Is there a way that you can stop a user having access to payroll/employees?

    I can see you can disallow access to Employees/Payroll and Centres - Employee, but as soon as you allow financial reporting, it allows viewing to employees again.

    Is there any way around this?

    thanks SUe