GST Tax Code amendment

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Hi, we are using Pro 2013 in very basic format. We need to amend the GST Tax Code to use for sales AND purchases ... need advice ....


  • Charley
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    GST is for sales; NCG and CAG is for purchases, this is how the package works best and how the Tax reports pick up the data
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    Yes understand that, but in one existing company file we already use the GST code for both sales and purchases [very small business].  We want to do the same with this 2nd company file ... the system won't allow us to amend the GST Tax Code as it seems to be in use somewhere .... but nowhere we can see?
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    Hi Melissa,

    When in a purchase transaction you can just type in the GST code and it will let you use it.

    Or you can go to the Tax Item list and create a tax item called GST-P, then edit the tax code GST to include the GST-P tax item.

    But as Charles mentioned this can affect your tax reporting and thus may be wrong.

    If you would like a document on how to use them correctly, feel free to email me directly.

    Kind regards,

    Sally McIntosh (