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Hi there everyone..  

I have just come across an anomaly that I was not aware of,  

When trying to enter more information into a customer's ‘notes’ on Reckon Accounts Hosted (I also tried Desk top)...would not let me. After deleting a few extra lines I was ‘allowed to’ but only a few.  I copied all the current notes into Word and found out that there was 600 odd words.  

Has anyone else come across this limit? Have you come up with a ‘fix’/'work around'?

Thanks for your reply

Angie Carlyle



  • Mirko
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    Thanks for reporting this Angie. I'll shoot it off to our techs and Developers to look into! :)
  • Erdem Salih
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    we have the same problem.
  • Melissa Meeds
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    Yes I have a customer that we are having issues with getting payment and every communication with them has been noted for legal purposes but we hit the limit also .. having to do the same thing as you .. copy and paste into word and save the notes in a word file instead of there Reckon file.  This makes it hard when others are using and they can not see the current notes on what is going on with this customer.
  • cosmic
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    Yes, it would be fantastic to be able to use Notes ,almost as MS word. Well, we have now have got the  application, integrated with RA desktop, where you are almost able to write 4000 words, save it , recall it, and adjust and etc, and all these is also automatically posted to tax invoice if you wish to show this. every note is saved, we are now adding more features to it. if we find more people are interested , we will, get expedite the development.

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  • Jay Jay
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    Hi Angie, 

    Thanks for you post. after some checking,Here is what we found about the limits of customer notes with in the system . 

    The limit in notes and is in relative to how user are using it.

    1.       Characters 4,095

    2.       Words 675 in the format of large multiple paragraphs. As low as 600 if using short one line sentences or as high as 900 words depending on how you structure them…

    3.       A carriage return takes up the space of two Characters

    4.       Lines with 1 Characters per line 1,365

    5.       Lines with 10 characters per line 342

    6.       Lines with 25 characters per line 152

    7.       Lines with 50 characters per line 79

     So depends on the number of lines and number of words in the sentence and how many characters in a word. it all contribute how much you can write in to notes. 

    as for the fix, I'll forward this as a suggestion to our development team as a suggested feature for their consideration. 


    Jay Jay 

  • Terri Walkington
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    Hi there,  we use our notepad to keep a record of conversations etc so we can be more personable with our clients.  It is important to keep a record of all these notes in the client file, rather than having to use another application.  Please can the technical department fix this so there is no limit?  This is very frustrating.  I do not want to delete previous notes in order to write new ones.  They are all vital.
  • Inigo
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    Thanks Jay Jay for that very useful info

  • David Cunningham
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    Is there any update on this? This limitation on notes will almost certainly mean we have to move to another accounting package.