gst being added twice when creating invoices.

Terry Seymour
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when creating invoices in reckon accounts 2014, gst is being added twice.  I'm then told transaction doesn't balance and can't save the transaction.


  • Michael Ung
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    Hi Terry,

    Thank you for posting on the community

    GST being added twice is usually an indication that the tax codes were imported into reckon accounts.

    There are a few things you need to check.

    1. Under the Supplier Center - Edit the Australian Taxation office >> Click on the Tax Agency info Tab >> and make sure it has the correct tax payable account assigned to it.

    2. Click on List >> Tax Item List >> Double Click on the GST tax item, Make sure it has Australian Taxation Office under Tax Agency and make sure Goods and Services Tax is assigned to the Tax Return Line for GST.

    3. Click on List >> Tax Code List >> Double click on GST and make sure the GST tax item is selected for the GST tax code under the Sales Tax Item.

    Hope this helped, let me know how you go with this



  • Candice Carlsen
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    Hi Michael,

    I have been having a similar issue. Our business reports on a cash basis quarterly and for some reason the GST is calculating twice when a split payment has been receipted to the one invoice.

    For example, an invoice was created for $77.00 ($7.00 GST).
    Payment was received on 02.04.15 for $70.00 (report shows gst as 7.00 and net received as 69.34) The second payment received on 09.04.15 for the remainder $7.00 (report shows gst as 7.00 and net received as 0.66)

    I have checked your notes above to Terry and everything looks as it should.

    Please shed some light.