NAB super pay upload error

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I am using the new Super data export and uploading it to NAB super pay however the file coming out of Quickbooks causes an error when uploading it. The error says ''No. of colomns in upload file does not match with required in selected template''. I have to open the file as a text file and delete the extra columns before uploading will work. Given NAB super pay is what Reckon is recommending now that Superlink is obsolete I hope this will be resolved quickly.


  • narelle harvey_7311100
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    Yes so I . Surely head office can help you with this. I do not use quick books.

    Regards Narelle Harvey

  • Jay Jay
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    Hi Stephanie, 
    Thank you for your post on the community, during the upload process there should be a selection on the payroll format and you have a choice of either pick Phase 2.0 Standard or Phase 2.1 standard. By default the 2.1 Standard should be selected, is this the case?

  • Stephanie_4161659
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    Hi Jay,

    No it says Phase 2.0 Standard and there is no other option.
  • Sue Bailey
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    HI, I have the same problem as Stephanie. I have contacted NAN SuperPay who have directed me bak to reckon. They advised that the reckon file format is not compatible with NAB SuperPay. Can you please help, I do not have the option of selecting Phase 2.1 standard either.
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    Hi Everyone. Just a heads up on the new NAB Super Pay reports that are required for upload to Super Pay. If clients currently only have 1 Super Item Set up for Super, they will need to set up individual super items for each fund in their payroll item list. Reason Being the Super Data Report that is exported to NAB has a fund ABN column. This is populated from the Fund Supplier details. If there is only one super item set up it can only be linked to one fund and therefore 1 ABN. This will reject at the time of upload to NAB. Happy to help anyone who has a query on this. Issue has been reported to Tech Support so that they also now have a heads up on the issue. Penny
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    I am first time user in NAB super pay, when I am try to click create after selecting online submission nothing will happen in that window can you please advice me why it was happening like this