What bank accounts can I access through BankData

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Not all bank accounts are accessible through Reckon Bankdata's direct bank feeds.

Banks do have different file systems and protocols for different types of bank accounts (savings, cheque, loans, cerdit cards, etc), and not all of these are accessible to direct bank feeds.

Different banks may be able to make different account types available.
You need to ask your bank which accounts are accessible and which aren't.

Generally, transaction accounts without special conditions are accessible by direct bank feeds.
Any account that does not have a BSB (Bank State Branch) number is not accessible – for instance Credit Cards.

Special Condition accounts – like Loan Accounts, High Interest Savings Accounts – generally are not accessible.

Through the 3rd party financial integrator Yodlee Inc, some of these restrictions can be overcome.
Credit Cards are accessible through Yodlee.  Accounts from banks that do not provide a direct bank feed facility may be accessible by Yodlee.

However, some banks do block access by Yodlee.  Also, some banks have systems that are not compatible with the Yodlee system, so their accounts will not be accessible.