Cant open company files in Reckon Accounts Pro 2014 from Quick books plus 2003

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Cant get my files to open. Says I need 2007/08 upgrade ?


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    You are talking two very distant versions.  Is that a typo or are you really running 2003 version of 'plus'?   If so, then that's the issue.   Such old versions can't read newer versions of data file.   There are steps of migration needed,  or a separate load of the compatible version - ie:  put 2014 PRO onto our system.   We run lots of side-by-side versions in case clients present us with outdated versions of Company files.    The problem occurs in both directions, too.   If you have really new/latest software running,  and try to open/read really old company files in older versions,  you need to update the company file, sometimes through multiple versions (ie: 2003 up to 2007 up to 20xx  etc) before you can read the company DATA file withing the PROGRAM version you are running.  

    The compatibility of versions and the steps needed to get from one version to another, are well laid out in the release notes that accompany each version release of the software.

    All the legacy editions are available at:


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