How do I find missing invoices using reports (assuming I use sequential invoice numbers)

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Most people have sequential invoice numbers.

Sometimes it is handy to know if an invoice may have been deleted or has disappeared.

You can use a customised report to show a report with invoices in sequential order and have the report identify gaps in the sequence.

Click on the Reports menu and select Banking then Missing Cheques menu option.
(Well an invoice is not a cheque, you say... we yes you are right... moving on.)

In the Specify Account drop-down list, choose your Accounts Receivable account.

Click on the Modify Report button

Now you can filter the report to show only invoice transactions.
Click on the Filter tab and choose the Transaction Type filter, and select Tax Invoice

Change any other relevant filter options such as the date, Customer Name and so on.

You can also click on the Header/Footer tab to change your report titles as you like.




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    Great post Inigo, thanks for sharing!
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    Some people in the community may find the post patronising.