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Item List posted from POS

ron stout
ron stout Member Posts: 2
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Using the Item/sub item system, Using the keg as the item and the Jug/middy or glass as the sub item.
When we post the information from the POS to Reckon the value of the keg retains the same value and the value of the sub item that has been sold indicates a negative value are we required to adjust the keg inventory to show that beer has been sold or should we be using the assembly system so that any beer sold using jugs/middies or glasses is automatically deducted from the keg 
Regards Ron


  • vinia
    vinia Alumni Posts: 53
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    Hello Ron,

    Thank you for using Reckon Community. With regards to the query.

    1. Are you also selling Keg? or this is just a header item?

    - If Keg is just a header item - and you only sold the sub-item, you should leave the KEG QTY as 0. and enter the Stock QTY for the sub items. ( jug/middy or glass) 

    2. I don't think you will need to use assembly in this case.

    IN ORDER TO 0 the KEG - just adjust the Quantity on hand - ticking the "value adjustment at the bottom" in the "adjust quantity/value on hand"

    Please let me know if further assistance is needed, thank you.

    Kind Regards,
    Vinia Laguda
    Reckon Technical SUpport